National Food Fair: A showcase of the Country’s new and
exciting Food Entrepreneurs

nff thumbnail                                                                          DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez, promoting Moringa & More’s new products with the Petisme family.

Moringa & More recently launched its ORGANIC CERTIFIED MORINGA POWDER at the National Food Fair 2019. Moringa & More has always been the leading brand in producing high quality Moringa products such as its signature Moringa Tea, Lattes, Noodles and Snacks. It’s flagship product, MORINGA POWDER, which used primarily as a food supplement and cooking ingredient has been recently CERTIFIED ORGANIC under USDA, EU & JAS Organic Agriculture standards, which are the 3 most prestigious certifications recognized all over the world.


The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) has been integral in the development of the country’s developing MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). They contiously support and assist upstart entrepreneurs and business grow and expand their companies with many different programs and activities such as trade shows. One such trade show is the National Food Fair (NFF), which acts as a platform for these companies to showcase their products to the Filipino consumers. This event is held annually at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls during the month of March.


Moringa & More has benefited from countless of DTI’s assistances, programs and activities throughout the years and is very active in a lot of its trade shows. They are a valuable part of our brand’s development and exposure.

The National Food Fair serves a very important purpose for the brand in that it helps us promote and build our brand in the Health Food industry. The show attracts many people looking for new and exciting food products that they’ve never seen or tried before and they become aware of the growing local food scene.